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Contacting Us

Does your Internet Service Provider allow you web space for a personal homepage, yet you lack the skills or confidence to design and post one on your own?

Would your club or civic organization like to have a presence on the World Wide Web?

Let us help. There was a time when folks thought that being on 'the Web' was a novelty. Well, not any more! The Internet is transforming how we communicate. E.S.I. can design an affordable, custom webpage to your specifications and post it on your existing server space. If your ISP does not provide server space, E.S.I. can help you in locating free server space from one of several Homepage Communities currently on the internet.

Contact E.S.I. today at using our on-line inquiry form or write to us at our address listed below.

ESI Web Designs
PO Box 1108
Greenville, Ohio 45331

About E.S.I.

We are a small family-run design shop specializing in personal homepages, websites for clubs and civic organizations, and small business homepages. Although we employ the latest in design techniques we believe in simple, straight-forward page design. We will not "pad" pages with the latest gee-whiz technology (and thereby increasing the cost to the client) if an older, simpler method will accomplish the same result.

We are located in rural Darke County, Ohio, about 8 miles southeast of Greenville. Our area of operation can be seen on the accompanying map . For those located outside of Darke County arrangements may be possible so that we may assist you too. Please feel free to inquire.